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My piano students were a little more high-spirited than usual yesterday, probably because of Valentine’s Day celebrations at school.  I thought it was funny when two of them, in completely different households, did almost exactly the same thing.  One, a kindergartener, stuck a sparkly bug sticker on my neck; the other, a very sophisticated eighth grader, stuck one on my forehead.  Mind you, there were a zillion other stickers, but they both picked bugs from the same sheet.  The kindergartener said she was “pranking” me.  It was a highly productive but silly day!

One of the moms greeted me at the door with a red beribboned cello bag of chunky cookies full of dried cranberries, nuts, raisins, and white chocolate chips.   There were six, but I ate half of them on the way home.


And since I’m talking about food treats, both of those moms collaborated on the creation of the delightful book, Peace Meals, by the Junior League of Houston.