Posts have been sparse around here, because I’ve been busy doing other things (or “I took an arrow in the knee”). This one isn’t specifically related to music and is more anecdotal.  My apologies to any kind people following me who might be expecting something more edifying, if, indeed, any are.

First of all, I was very busy playing Final Fantasy XIII-2.

I’ve loved RPG‘s and computer games since playing Scott Adams text adventures on our first PC back in the late 70’s.  If it helps to connect this post to music, I have to say that I was first introduced to Final Fantasy VII in 1998 by one of my piano students.  I’ve been addicted to that series ever since.  Also, some wonderful music has been written for video games, and that may be the topic of a future post.

Besides doing that, I made this dress for my granddaughter:

If it seems gaudy, let’s just say I intended it to be whimsical and appealing in color and pattern to an eighteen month old girl who loves all things pink.  My daughter will be removing the bow which I only tacked on lightly, anticipating that eventuality.

Shortly after finishing the dress project, and it took a while because my sewing’s rusty, I embarked on a trip to Hoboken.  Hoboken always seemed some sort of primitive outpost to me because of jokes I’d heard about it in years past, but it’s really a charming little town with easy access to New York City via the Path Train.

We mostly walk to the park and nearby grocery stores during my visits, as negotiating the various train systems with baby and stroller can become a monumental undertaking. You barely manage to make it anywhere before the adored one wears out. We did have a couple of more adventurous outings, though.

Stretching mightily, another way I can relate this post to music (although reporting that I hummed while typing might be as relevant) is to tell you that Hoboken is the birthplace of Frank Sinatra.  Hobokenites seem very proud of that, and you’re continually reminded as you walk around town or visit restaurants.  On Saturday night, we went to Leo’s Grandevous, from their website, “the perfect Frank Sinatra restaurant.”

It’s Italian, of course.  The walls are festooned with Sinatra memorabilia and autographed pictures with Frank Sinatra songs crooning perpetually over the intercom.  It was far too dim and crowded to take photos with my antique Kodak camera, so if you want to see more, your best bet is click the link.  Or, heck, visit Leo’s, it’s a nice spot.  This is a picture I yanked from Trip Advisor.  You can’t really tell that the semicircular marble bar is very pretty…er, handsome.

Leo’s bar, lifted from

I had the eggplant bar pie.  It looked just like a small pizza and tasted delicious.  My daughter had Penne alla Vodka.  If you’ve never had vodka penne, you should try it.  It doesn’t taste at all like vodka.

To be continued… (I decided to shorten my posts to be less boring and embarrassing than I already am. My kind readers have much more interesting things to report, and I enjoy their works a lot more than mine.)