On Saturday, we walked to the very chic waterfront 3 Forty Grill, on…wait for it…the music tie-in…Sinatra Drive, for brunch.  My daughter wanted to take me there for an early Mother’s Day.  My granddaughter thought it was a great idea, too.  She had a window view of people and their dogs walking past on the way to Pier C Park, and she loves restaurant dining.

I ordered the “Southwestern Frittata” from the prix fixe menu.  The “Truffled Eggs ‘Benedict'” looked inviting, but after reading Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, I’m leery of any brunch Hollandaise.  The frittata was good: eggs, green pepper, Spanish chorizo, and cheese, although I doubt the “pico de gallo” ever had even a winking relationship with a jalapeño.  Ranking in at über delicious was the children’s menu grilled cheese sandwich, possibly the best ever, made with aged Vermont cheddar.  We grownups sampled the crusts (and that’s how we found out).

A view of the 3 Forty Grill bar lifted from Yelp

After dining, we wandered out to the Promenade in Pier C Park.  A little to the left, you can see the Empire State Building.

Promenade, Pier C Park, Hoboken, New Jersey

Zoomed in…

View of lower Manhattan

The most visible building from this angle is One World Trade Center which became the tallest building in NYC during my visit.  It was a beautiful but very windy day, as you can tell from the rolling waves on the Hudson.

View of Pier C Park and Hoboken Waterfront

We had a spectacular time wandering about, looking at the water, feeling the wind on our faces, and communing with all the doggies.

For those of you who might be thinking, “What, so close, and you didn’t go into the city?”  I’ve been there quite a few times, totally adore it, and will document the very next trip in, but honestly, it’s fun to do anything with my granddaughter!  I don’t get to see her very often.

To be continued…