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It’s been a while for various reasons, but I want to complete my Hoboken trilogy because the cutest part will be in this one (although I’m really impatient to recognize some kindnesses that have been here bestowed.)

I was sent home from Hoboken with fabric my daughter had stockpiled and have been completing these not very well photographed play clothes for a certain little person:

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

I wanted to further address the charms of downtown Hoboken with the following photos:

A view of Washington Street (main drag)

Another view

Bars, indoor and al fresco dining, and shops abound, so that it’s really almost like another neighborhood in Manhattan proper, but within walking distance of my daughter’s apartment.

Hoboken is also home to Carlo’s Bakery of Cake Boss fame.  I know that most of the nice people who read this stuff reside in the UK and Australia, so I’ll explain that Cake Boss is a reality TV show about the adventures of Carlo’s owner Buddy and his family as they create fantastical cakes and pastries for their interesting clients.  One of my students loves the show so much that, last trip, I got her some Carlo’s biscotti.  The line to Carlo’s is usually blocks long, but Hobokenites can get in (sort of) first.


My daughter was in the Verizon store next door when I took this shot.  I should have shopped for my student, but somehow forgot.  I promise to get more the next time I go!

The line for Carlo’s

The line starts under the CVS pharmacy awning, and this is the shortest I’ve ever seen, I guess because there was no school break.

At any rate, this was my favorite part of the trip:

Forget the diamond jubilee…  examining purse and miscellaneous contents granted Nana the privilege of blissful proximity to Her Royal Pie-ness!