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While I’ve been working on some articles about music, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.  Since I wrote so much about Hoboken, I thought I might provide a short account of what’s going on there.

We’ve been in pretty close contact with my daughter and her husband through Facebook and phone.   On Monday at about 1:00 PM, she posted these photos of the view from their window:

Their view of Hoboken High School football field

Parking lot before storm surge

She mentioned on her Facebook entry that they live about a mile from the Hudson River.

At 3:58 PM, she posted that they heard a transformer blow, but they still had power.  At around 5:00 PM, their power went out, came back on, briefly, and then went out for good. At 8:15 PM, my daughter communicated this:

Spoke too soon. Crazy flooding. May lose our car :0(  We are high and dry, so that is good. No electricity and a symphony of car horns from being flooded now going off.  All from the Hudson.

At 10:15 PM, this:

Update: Our building even has water inside the lobby. Car gone. Fire alarm for building had been going off for a while. Loud.

About the same time, my son-in-law added this:

Parking lot during storm surge

This was the parking lot of our building… it is now a lake with at least 3 feet of water…we’re being serenaded by the sound of car alarms going off like crazy and the submerged headlights are providing an underwater light show.

Then this photo:

Muck in stairs

About 2 feet of the 3+ feet of water that’s surrounding our building snuck into the ground floor (this is our fire stair tower).

At around 3:00 AM, my daughter said:

Fire alarm finally got turned off. Maybe it just grew tired :0) ? The water has receded some but there is still a good foot or two out there. Parking lot is full of debris water and cars…. same as the street. Unable to see the sidewalks.

Yesterday, October 30th, at around 7:00 PM, from  my daughter:

Made a run to Walgreens…. walk I should say. They were letting people in one by one. Most needed candles and food… we needed diaper rash cream and PediaSure. Car claim in and now just waiting for life to go back to normal. Looks like folk’s basements are filled to the top.

And shortly thereafter, from my son-in-law:

Still without power in Hoboken…grilling on the balcony and it’s so f’ing dark and quiet outside except for the sirens in the background…

They can’t restore power until the water recedes, which it’s doing slowly.  The Hoboken City website says there are 500 million gallons of water mixed with sewage and gasoline from the drowned cars.  Pumps are removing about 75 million gallons per day.  Low tide and natural abatement should take care of the rest within the next 48 hours.

The National Guard has arrived to help those in dire situations.

Fortunately, my daughter’s apartment is on the fourth floor, they have plenty of food, and water in Hoboken is still good and they’re getting it through their taps.  No hot showers, of course, and it’s supposed to get down in the 40’s (fahrenheit) tonight.  They’ll probably do OK with the temperature, as they’re rather warm-blooded. (I think they keep their apartment nearly in the 40’s for most of the summer!)